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With more than 50 cancer providers, OHC has the most experienced team of cancer experts in the region.

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OHC’s cancer and blood disorders specialists are nationally recognized for their expertise.

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There is nothing fair about cancer.

At OHC, our renowned cancer experts attack your cancer using the most advanced approaches and therapies, while our nationally recognized clinical research team constantly searches for the newest, most promising treatments.

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We are the region’s leading experts in the treatment of adult cancers and complex blood disorders.

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OHC offers the latest medical, gynecologic, radiation, and breast surgical oncology treatments to aggressively attack your cancer or blood disorder.

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OHC’s nationally-recognized clinical trials team is passionately engaged in bringing innovative treatments to patients.

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“Dr. Leuenberger is a wonderful Doctor! I see him once a year and he always remembers personal details! I'm grateful for his care and ability to listen so well!”

- K.K., February 2023

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OHC Cancer Experts Optimistic About Cancer Care Breakthroughs

March 17, 2023

We have come a long way in cancer care since the 1949 FDA approval of nitrogen mustard (mustard gas) as an anti-cancer

Ultra-Processed Foods and Red Meat May Be Partially to Blame for the Increase in Colorectal Cancer

March 15, 2023

Take pause before you bite into that hot dog or take a sip of your sugary soda. Research shows that consuming