It seems to have become ingrained in our society that any seriously ill patient, let alone a cancer patient, needs a healthy attitude or a faith-based life to fight cancer. But is it true? While science has not provided undeniable proof of a direct   (Read More)

Progress continues fast and furious on the OHC West medical office building, located on Mercy Health’s new West Hospital campus just two blocks from the Routes 74/52 and North Bend Road junction in Monfort Heights. Under the watchful eyes of   (Read More)

Jennifer, an OHC cancer patient, says the staff gets to know you by your first and last name, and wants to know what they can do to help.   (Read More)

In the coming months, we will bring you a series of articles about the most common cancers in the United States — counting down from #10 to #1. More information about the individual cancers in the top 10 can be found in our OHC Cancer Database, an   (Read More)

Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a double mastectomy after learning she carried the BRCA-1 gene mutation has created a stir among U.S. women – with an estimated 6 million planning to ask their doctors about genetic testing, a new Harris   (Read More)

During the Victorian Era, having tanned skin was not in fashion. Only workers who toiled in the sun had tanned skin. Thus, a tan was a sign that you were of the lower classes. In fact, the upper class took great pains to keep their skin tones light   (Read More)

James rates OHC a 10, saying “You can’t beat the people.”   (Read More)

Cancer care teams and patients on Cincinnati’s Westside will be coming together soon as construction moves quickly on the completion of our new, state-of-the-art OHC West office — conveniently located on Mercy Health’s new West Hospital campus.   (Read More)

Paige thinks that OHC makes a difference in patient’s lives.   (Read More)

OHC Patient Testimonial - Iris

Iris’ cancer was very trying, and she feels the OHC staff took care of her.   (Read More)

Megan is so impressed with the OHC patients that she feels it is a “privilege” to provide care for them.   (Read More)

Eddie doesn't know how the OHC staff could go any more above and beyond then they already do.   (Read More)

It seems that the age-old advice of eating healthy and exercising for a strong body also applies to fighting cancer. There’s a growing view in medicine that concerns your diet, physical activity, and your ability to overcome cancer and and remain   (Read More)

Diana credits OHC for being the reason she is alive.   (Read More)

Not long ago, cancer patients thought being part of a clinical trial meant they had run out of therapeutic options. Participation was viewed as a last, desperate act. In the mind of the patient, the family, and sometimes even the physician, being   (Read More)