Faye, a member of our team, says OHC lets her to care about her patients.   (Read More)

OHC staff member Cheri believes, “It’s all about the patients.”   (Read More)

Barbara feels the OHC staff goes “Above and Beyond” on every visit.   (Read More)

Barbara was impressed that our staff got to know her so quickly, and took the time to help.   (Read More)

The word cancer brings some very scary thoughts and feelings to those who have been diagnosed with it. Often, it isn’t just the fear of the disease itself, but also the treatments that one has to go through to get the disease to go into remission.   (Read More)

Rebecca has a heartfelt appreciation for what OHC has done for her during her cancer care and treatment.   (Read More)

A bone marrow transplant is a medical procedure that replaces damaged or diseased bone marrow — the soft, fatty tissue inside your bones — with healthy bone marrow stem cells. These new stem cells can come from your own body or from a matching   (Read More)

As an OHC employee, Cassandra “Walked-the-Walk” when she showed a patient just how much she cared.  See her story below.   (Read More)

OHC offers the Greater Cincinnati area the largest group of Medical Oncology specialists providing access to cutting-edge research. Participating in clinical trials allows patients access to new treatments before they are widely available and helps   (Read More)

OHC believes all patients deserve the best quality of life that we, as physicians, can help them achieve. Discussing a plan of care with patients at the beginning of treatment, particularly for a chronic disease, is key to showing them that their   (Read More)

Kim has been a cancer patient with OHC for a number of years and is a cancer survivor.  Hear why she values OHC and our people.   (Read More)

Leonardo da Vinci imagined many ground-breaking concepts and inventions that have become reality. For example, he imagined the airplane and designed the first helicopter. But it was da Vinci’s plan for a robot that lead the Intuitive company to   (Read More)

Not everyone has eating problems during their cancer treatment. You may have a few problems or none at all. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to be prepared before you find yourself not up to cooking or shopping. Here’s what you can do: Fill   (Read More)

Yes. OHC will help you with your medical-related finances. All of our patients have access to one of our expert Financial Navigators. They will help you understand and deal with the financial complexities of your cancer care. You can go to your   (Read More)

OHC is expanding. Soon, we will be serving our patients in the Mt. Airy, Rapid Run, and Western Hills areas. “OHC West” will operate on the first two floors of a five-story medical office building adjacent to the new Mercy Health-West Hospital in   (Read More)