John Boys, an industrial electrician approaching 60, had no plans to go to the doctor until his employer offered incentives for getting a physical during the spring of 2019. A casual discussion about a knot he had in his abdomen led to a cancer   (Read More)

How many of us have felt a suspicious lump or discovered a new lesion or pain and immediately had a sinking feeling that something was wrong? We might try to convince ourselves that it will go away, but our bodies may be alerting us that something   (Read More)

If there was one thing to eat that could prevent cancer, chances are extremely likely that this powerful food would become a staple in nearly every individual’s diet. As a leading cause of death worldwide, cancer touches the lives of everyone on   (Read More)

David Young was no stranger to adversity. An illustrator and graphic designer, he opened his own company in 1989 but lost a significant amount of business during the Great Recession of 2008. He and his wife, Sherri, were facing health issues, and   (Read More)

As a senior in college at Ohio University, the future was bright for a young and energetic Connor McCurley. It was 2017, and he had a job lined up as a special education assistant in a school district back home in Cincinnati and he was playing a lot   (Read More)

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, every hour, an oral or oropharyngeal cancer (OPC) patient dies in America. The incidence and mortality of OPC, a common head and neck cancer, have steadily increased in the U.S. during the past two decades.   (Read More)

Patients with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, face a cycle of remission and relapse and often become resistant to treatments after multiple therapies. As a result of ongoing research, we do have drugs at our disposal that have improved   (Read More)

When you hear the word ‘cancer,’ everything stops. Patients find themselves experiencing multiple emotions and having thoughts flooded with questions. It is only natural to want to find the best medical care. As experts in cancer research and   (Read More)

For reasons we do not yet fully understand, the incidence of new kidney cancer cases has been on the rise since the 1990s. One contributing factor could be that healthcare providers are ordering more computed tomography (CT) scans leading to   (Read More)

According to the American Cancer Society, excluding skin cancer, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in Americans. It is estimated that over 151,000 U.S. adults will be diagnosed with this life-threatening disease this year. Colon   (Read More)

Cancer is a complex diagnosis often requiring a high level of service and support from an expert care team focused on making sure patients understand their treatment regimen, comply with their therapy schedule, manage potential side effects, and have   (Read More)

One year ago, I wrote a blog for OHC on the rising increase of colon cancer in young adults ( Unfortunately, recent research underscores this reality and reinforces my strong endorsement of colon   (Read More)

This year, nearly two million Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis. If a friend or loved one shares their diagnosis with you, naturally, you will want to convey compassion and support, but it can be challenging to know exactly what to say. OHC   (Read More)

In 2013, April Becraft of Georgetown, Ohio, was a 32-year-old mother of a toddler and a baby and was teaching special education at an elementary school when she began to feel tired all the time. She attributed the fatigue to having a new baby, but   (Read More)

In January 2020, Danyell Weisinger of Hamilton, Ohio was working as a bank teller when she began to experience intense stomach pain. She took ibuprofen around the clock to muscle through it. Fortunately, her boss convinced her to see a doctor. X-rays   (Read More)