We’re exceptionally proud of our contributions to cancer research. Led by OHC Clinical Research Department Chief Dr. David Waterhouse and Director Lynnetta Hart — and a team of nearly 30 dedicated cancer researcher specialists — OHC is the   (Read More)

The OHC Research Department’s complex clinical trial menu provides an opportunity for patients in and around the tri-state to participate in innovative studies which include targeted therapies. Clinical research of gynecologic cancer has made many   (Read More)

OHC Chief of Radiation Oncology Dr. Elizabeth Levick was recently interviewed on-air by Rodney Lear, host of local radio show Sunday Morning Magazine. Lear and Dr. Levick discussed her particular areas of expertise, cancer research, and what makes   (Read More)

Our very own Dr. Elizabeth Levick was recently interviewed for the Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear. Be sure to tune in this Sun., March 23, 2014 at 7:00 am on radio stations WKRQ-FM (101.9) or WYGY-FM (97.3). The interview will also air   (Read More)

We all love sneak peeks, don’t we? Makes us feel like we’re in on something special. So we asked ourselves, “Why not share that feeling with the people that matter most, our patients?”. That’s why we’re giving you   (Read More)

About to meet with your doctor to discuss treatment options? Maybe you should first give Cancer Support Community a call. OHC partner Cancer Support Community now offers a question listing service to help you prepare for your upcoming oncology visit.   (Read More)

OHC lended helping hands (and backs and feet!) to the American Cancer Society’s annual Suits And Sneakers Awareness weekend. As an extension of the weekend, corporations and organizations were encouraged to participate in the challenge by   (Read More)

Our highest priority is to deliver high quality care. It’s something a lot of health care practices might say, but at OHC, everything we do centers on our commitment to providing it. With the recent awarding of the Quality Oncology Practice   (Read More)

As is the case with most cancers, successfully treating lung cancer means catching it as early as possible. But because of the nature of this cancer’s early-stage symptoms, that’s not always possible. OHC and Mercy Health have joined forces to   (Read More)

According to OHC Chief Medical Officer David Kirlin, “One of our Oncology Medical Home goals is to facilitate urgent care for our patients. Our weekend office hours project is an example of this plan. We also want same-day evaluation to be   (Read More)

Lynnetta Hart, BS, M.Ed, CCRC, formally manager of the OHC Research Data Management Department, began her new role as Research Program Director at OHC Oct. 16. She reports to COO Ronda Brown. Having previously managed the non-clinical staff in the   (Read More)

OHC West Now Open - Welcome!

Early on Nov. 4, OHC’s 16th and newest location — OHC West — opened and began receiving its West-side patients. And first reports indicate that they are as delighted we are. Located in Suite 100 and 200 of the Medical Office Building on the   (Read More)

OHC’s Research Department’s complex clinical trial menu provides an opportunity for patients in and around the Tri-State area to participate in innovative studies that include targeted therapies. Clinical research into lung cancer has resulted in   (Read More)

Years of research have yielded real progress against the assorted group of 200 diseases known as lung cancer, which continue to claim more lives each year than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. Here is a review of some recent advances in   (Read More)

OHC invites you to a free community panel discussion about breast health and cancer that features two of the area’s most prominent oncologists specializing in women’s health. In addition to an energetic panel discussion, you’ll get   (Read More)