When Kayla Walsh joined the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) in 2009 during her sophomore year at college, she had no idea the impact those short minutes would have on someone she never met.  Studying to be a high school biology teacher at   (Read More)

This article originally appeared in Cincinnati Magazine. Story by  Jaclyn Youhana Garver. Photography by Andrew Doench. After spotty luck with four other therapies, BiTE, or “bispecific T-cell engager,” put an Oakley woman in remission. Patty   (Read More)

In the previous stories of thankfulness shared, we’ve introduced OHC employees who have been patients in the past year and how their experience gave them a newfound appreciation for the patients they care for.  Our next employee-turned-patient   (Read More)

Dealing with an autoimmune disease for the last three years, our second OHC employee reflects on becoming an OHC patient and is thankful for the care she received and the impact it has had. Theresa Duckwall is the Revenue Cycle Supervisor and   (Read More)

Life is full of opportunities and challenges that come along every day.  Those challenges provide you with the chance to learn something new, to impact your world view.  For cancer patients, we’ve heard how people learned to be more present in   (Read More)

Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and at a more advanced stage than white women.  They are also more affected by aggressive types of breast cancer, leading to a disproportionate outlook, even though   (Read More)

Ali Miller-Bultman, a Montgomery, Ohio firefighter, knows too well the importance of safety and reducing risks when fighting a fire. What she didn’t expect was the fight she would embark on with her own personal battle with breast cancer.  A   (Read More)

Karen Wellington was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30.  While fighting breast cancer, Karen focused on LIVING by being active in her kids’ lives, coaching soccer, hanging with friends, and never letting cancer keep her down.  During   (Read More)

When patients hear a diagnosis of cancer, their world stops and many struggle with thoughts of their own mortality. At OHC we know how big an emotional challenge this can be. Our team treats you like family providing both leading care and emotional   (Read More)

This article originally appeared in venuecincinnati.com. Story by Clara Malson. Photography by Leah Davies. If you’ve ever had a loved one diagnosed with cancer, this thought has probably crossed your mind: “Why haven’t they cured cancer   (Read More)

This article originally appeared in venuecincinnati.com. Story by Laura Mann. Photography by Leah Davies. In March 2018, Madeline “Maddie” Gillotte, a pre-kindergarten teacher from Pleasant Ridge, was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer   (Read More)

Mr. Carl Guenther’s life changed forever in 2000 when his high school sweetheart, Susan, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. “That’s when I became a caregiver,” he said. “I tell people that sometimes, caregiving can be as hard as   (Read More)

At age 47, Tom Gornall had a great job, loved playing golf, and was enjoying life with his wife and childhood sweetheart, Sabrina. About five years ago, his nighttime routine took a scary turn when he urinated blood and told Sabrina he needed to get   (Read More)

In only nine months, Jacqueline Reckers went from having a clear mammogram to having two cancerous tumors in her breast. By being in tune with her body and diligent about her breast health, she was able to obtain an early breast cancer diagnosis and   (Read More)

Imagine taking a shower before an evening dinner out and suddenly you are unable to breathe. You rush to the emergency room where tests eventually reveal a lung cancer diagnosis. Five years ago, this was Pat Brundige’s reality. Pat was a healthy,   (Read More)