This article originally appeared in Story by Clara Malson. Photography by Leah Davies. If you’ve ever had a loved one diagnosed with cancer, this thought has probably crossed your mind: “Why haven’t they cured cancer   (Read More)

This article originally appeared in Story by Laura Mann. Photography by Leah Davies. In March 2018, Madeline “Maddie” Gillotte, a pre-kindergarten teacher from Pleasant Ridge, was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer   (Read More)

Mr. Carl Guenther’s life changed forever in 2000 when his high school sweetheart, Susan, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. “That’s when I became a caregiver,” he said. “I tell people that sometimes, caregiving can be as hard as   (Read More)

At age 47, Tom Gornall had a great job, loved playing golf, and was enjoying life with his wife and childhood sweetheart, Sabrina. About five years ago, his nighttime routine took a scary turn when he urinated blood and told Sabrina he needed to get   (Read More)

In only nine months, Jacqueline Reckers went from having a clear mammogram to having two cancerous tumors in her breast. By being in tune with her body and diligent about her breast health, she was able to obtain an early breast cancer diagnosis and   (Read More)

Imagine taking a shower before an evening dinner out and suddenly you are unable to breathe. You rush to the emergency room where tests eventually reveal a lung cancer diagnosis. Five years ago, this was Pat Brundige’s reality. Pat was a healthy,   (Read More)

Mark Williams personifies hard work. He has tirelessly worked in a machine shop for as long as he can remember. To earn extra money on the side, he regularly hangs drywall or installs carpet. In recent years, he decided to pursue an associate degree   (Read More)

This article originally appeared in Story by Lindsey Himmler. Photography by Catie Viox. There’s no good time to get breast cancer. That was certainly true for Laura Reid, who had just started a new position she loved at   (Read More)

In 2013, Deborah Ward, age 43, was experiencing abdominal cramping which she discussed with her primary care doctor. After an exam and sonogram revealed a lesion on her ovary, Deborah’s doctor referred her to OHC gynecologic oncology expert Marcia   (Read More)

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than two people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour. Skin cancer, which can occur because of cumulative sun damage, is the most diagnosed cancer in the country and incidences continue to rise.   (Read More)

Just over one year ago, OHC’s cancer experts were among the select investigators who were first in the world to evaluate a groundbreaking therapy for B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL). John Hornsby of Latonia, Kentucky, enrolled in the Caribou   (Read More)

Carol Pangallo, a family matriarch, is a ceaseless caregiver. In addition to taking care of her three children, she cared for her parents and worked with youngsters at her local YMCA. Putting her own health on the backburner, Carol pushed her vague   (Read More)

Written by Lindsey Himmler and photographed by Leah Davies for Venue Cincinnati Magazine. What if you could treat cancer without chemotherapy? That’s the goal of OHC, experts in the treatment of adult cancer and blood disorders. OHC has been a   (Read More)

John Boys, an industrial electrician approaching 60, had no plans to go to the doctor until his employer offered incentives for getting a physical during the spring of 2019. A casual discussion about a knot he had in his abdomen led to a cancer   (Read More)

How many of us have felt a suspicious lump or discovered a new lesion or pain and immediately had a sinking feeling that something was wrong? We might try to convince ourselves that it will go away, but our bodies may be alerting us that something   (Read More)