Colon cancer was not on the mind of 29-year-old Kayla King, a vibrant wife and busy mother focused on caring for her two young boys, enjoying country concerts with her husband, and working full-time. Everything changed when she learned she had   (Read More)

Rodney Fightmaster and Randy Drosick(Read More)

Cancer has no perks. It isn’t positive, humorous or inspiring. That was going to be a challenge for Diana Bosse because she always approached everything with a positive outlook and a large dose of humor. Even after receiving a cancer diagnosis,   (Read More)

Nancy Price and Shirley Smith(Read More)

Bill Willoughby has always been an optimist. This positive approach to life would serve him well after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015.

“I was going to a doctor here in Dayton and at one point he said with my   (Read More)

My cancer journey began with my OB/Gyn for my annual check-up and pap test. This time the follow-up phone call was different. It was my doctor’s office calling about the results. There were some abnormal cells, so they wanted to schedule a   (Read More)

Like Father, Like Daughter

“I’ve always wanted to be like my dad,” said Jen Milau. One day, back in 2017, she learned that she was, in fact, just like her dad, Dan Prows. They were both diagnosed with lymphoma that same year, both had treatment-resistant   (Read More)

“I wanted to do something for my dad’s birthday, February 13, that would honor him,” explained Erika Cliett, whose dad, Michael, was a patient of Dr. Jim Essell at the Blood Cancer Center at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health. “He   (Read More)

It was April 2014. Kelly Patrick was at her usual hangout: the indoor soccer facility in West Chester, Ohio. She was having a great game, having scored two goals in the first half. Kelly had been playing soccer forever; in high school and college   (Read More)

Debbie Acton and Tonia Manning are sisters. And like other sisters, they’ve been through numerous life events together: holidays, school, weddings, births and more. On the Sunday morning after Debbie had just   (Read More)

Clyde Perfect had always been healthy, or “extremely lucky” as he puts it. Then last year, this active 84-year-old started coughing.

“I had this cough, and it was especially bad when I ate,” explained Clyde, who, along with his   (Read More)

When Sister Mary Ann Jansen began feeling extraordinarily tired in March 2014, she chalked it up to her demanding schedule. As Director of Community Ministries at Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati, Sr. Jansen accompanied students on retreats and   (Read More)

No one knows our bodies better than ourselves – so when something is wrong, it doesn’t take long to notice. Unfortunately, when we are busy we sometimes ignore or downplay the signs to keep up with daily life. This was the case with OHC   (Read More)

OHC Systems Engineer Dan Davies knows numbers. As a data analyst, he looks at trends all day. When recently asked by his wife, Amber, to become involved in fundraising for pediatric cancer, he quickly realized this challenge would be no different   (Read More)

Lisa Feiler was a healthy 47-year old marketing assistant and biking enthusiast who exercised regularly, ate healthy, and stayed fit. She wasn’t someone who fit the typical profile of someone with breast cancer. Then, a few days before she was   (Read More)