Clyde Perfect had always been healthy, or “extremely lucky” as he puts it. Then last year, this active 84-year-old started coughing. “I had this cough, and it was especially bad when I ate,” explained Clyde, who, along with his family, have... Read More

When Sister Mary Ann Jansen began feeling extraordinarily tired in March 2014, she chalked it up to her demanding schedule. As Director of Community Ministries at Ursuline Academy of Cincinnati, Sr. Jansen accompanied students on retreats and often... Read More

No one knows our bodies better than ourselves – so when something is wrong, it doesn’t take long to notice. Unfortunately, when we are busy we sometimes ignore or downplay the signs to keep up with daily life. This was the case with OHC patient... Read More

OHC Systems Engineer Dan Davies knows numbers. As a data analyst, he looks at trends all day. When recently asked by his wife, Amber, to become involved in fundraising for pediatric cancer, he quickly realized this challenge would be no different and... Read More

Lisa Feiler was a healthy 47-year old marketing assistant and biking enthusiast who exercised regularly, ate healthy, and stayed fit. She wasn’t someone who fit the typical profile of someone with breast cancer. Then, a few days before she was set... Read More

Savannah Gives Back

Joanie Manzo, R.N., B.S.N.

At OHC, we believe a hallmark of our care is the relationship we develop with our patients, their families, and friends. They become part of our extended family and we are honored by the trust they have in us with their care. What we receive in... Read More

Graduating from college, getting married, moving and starting a new job can be some of the most stressful moments in a person’s life. Can you imagine being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the young age of 24 as well? This is exactly what... Read More

Jeff Willis was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2014 after his son Zach encouraged him to get a colonoscopy upon turning 50. After surgery to remove a section of his colon, Dr. Edward Crane, a noted Tri-state medical oncologist, and his team of... Read More

As a preschool teacher, Lesli Custis knew how to multi-task and navigate challenges. As a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, she didn’t waiver from those challenges and took control to help navigate her personal healthcare choices. Lesli did... Read More

Legendary country singer-songwriter John Denver would have been proud of this recent rendition of “Take Me Home” during a radiation treatment at OHC. You see, newly diagnosed patient Mark Folzenlogen sometime battles nausea during his treatments... Read More