I’ve just arrived at the home of Stage IV colon cancer patient Sandy Ditmore. Located on a quiet cul de sac in Anderson Township, it has all the hallmarks of a classic middle class home in the suburbs — a well-manicured lawn, a well-maintained   (Read More)

Sally says the staff at OHC are “Competent and caring.  You couldn’t ask for nicer people.”   (Read More)

Theresa is an OHC staff member who treats her patients the way she would want her family members treated.   (Read More)

Rick says the staff at OHC has treated him like a person, and they care.   (Read More)

Shirley, an OHC patient, was impressed by the courtesy that everyone at OHC showed her.   (Read More)

As I glance around the Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway, it takes a few minutes to recognize Talika. When I do, she immediately jumps up to greet me with a smile. She’s wearing a bright pink scarf that matches the tuft of fuchsia hair on the top   (Read More)

OHC employee Marlene loves the enthusiasm she sees from her patients.   (Read More)

OHC staff member Sunnita grows close to her cancer patients, and she loves it.   (Read More)

Jim's thankful for the extra help he receives from the OHC staff.   (Read More)

OHC staff member Rita feels fulfilled when she helps our cancer patients.   (Read More)

Sandra absolutely loves taking care of her patients at OHC and believes that, sometimes, one of the most helpful things she can do for them is just listen.   (Read More)

The friendliness of the OHC staff keeps Jim coming back, even though there are closer practices to him.   (Read More)

Jennifer, an OHC cancer patient, says the staff gets to know you by your first and last name, and wants to know what they can do to help.   (Read More)

James rates OHC a 10, saying “You can’t beat the people.”   (Read More)

Paige thinks that OHC makes a difference in patient’s lives.   (Read More)