OHC Patient Testimonial - Iris

Iris’ cancer was very trying, and she feels the OHC staff took care of her.   (Read More)

Megan is so impressed with the OHC patients that she feels it is a “privilege” to provide care for them.   (Read More)

Eddie doesn't know how the OHC staff could go any more above and beyond then they already do.   (Read More)

Diana credits OHC for being the reason she is alive.   (Read More)

Chris is reassured by the warmth and level of care she receives at OHC.   (Read More)

Laura, an OHC employee, says the patients are the reason why she comes to work each day.   (Read More)

Cancer was a surprise to Carolyn, but she is thankful she had the OHC staff with her.   (Read More)

Bobby sees OHC as a family-like atmosphere.   (Read More)

Faye, a member of our team, says OHC lets her to care about her patients.   (Read More)

OHC staff member Cheri believes, “It’s all about the patients.”   (Read More)

Barbara feels the OHC staff goes “Above and Beyond” on every visit.   (Read More)

Barbara was impressed that our staff got to know her so quickly, and took the time to help.   (Read More)

Rebecca has a heartfelt appreciation for what OHC has done for her during her cancer care and treatment.   (Read More)

As an OHC employee, Cassandra “Walked-the-Walk” when she showed a patient just how much she cared.  See her story below.   (Read More)

Kim has been a cancer patient with OHC for a number of years and is a cancer survivor.  Hear why she values OHC and our people.   (Read More)