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February 2, 2021

Lisa Davis Yacchari has never liked going to the doctor – any doctor. After a routine procedure in 1993, she started letting doctor visits slip by, especially annual checkups with her gynecologist. When she did see her primary care doctor, she would occasionally have a Pap test done, but only occasionally.

Then, in 2015, Lisa began having some irregular bleeding, so she made an appointment with Michelle Federer, DO, a gynecologist she found online who had great reviews from her patients. After multiple tests, Dr. Federer informed Lisa she had stage 3 cervical cancer.

Dr. Federer referred Lisa to Marcia Bowling, MD, a gynecologic oncology expert at OHC.

“That’s when OHC became my second family,” said Lisa. “Dr. Bowling did my surgery, Dr. Marc Mosbacher oversaw my radiation therapy and Dr. Mark Johns took care of my chemotherapy. And it was nice that the whole team was together in the same location.”

“I also spent a lot of time with Rhonda Gottmann (an advanced practice provider at OHC). She is so wonderful and so easy to talk to. Sometimes I would get anxious or wouldn’t want to talk about certain things, but Rhonda was so understanding, you could tell her anything,” Lisa explained.

With her treatment all finished, Lisa says she is now an OHC cheerleader, speaking highly of the doctors and staff whenever someone mentions OHC. But she also acknowledges that even though her treatment was excellent, she realizes it may have been easier if she had been getting annual checkups and Pap tests and caught her cancer sooner. Educating others from her own experience has become her passion.

“If I had it to do over, I would definitely get annual tests,” she said referring to Pap tests. “I now recommend all women go to their gynecologist and get annual Pap tests. I have become an advocate.”

Lisa also recommends that all boys and girls get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Although the vaccine wasn’t available for Lisa’s children, she made sure her grandchildren have all been vaccinated. “I don’t like needles, but if there is a shot that can prevent cancer, that’s one needle I would take,” Lisa said when explaining why she wanted her grandchildren vaccinated.

With prevention and screenings, you can reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer. To learn more about Pap tests, HPV screenings and vaccines, as well as other cancer screenings for women and men, visit OHC’s page on cancer screenings.

Top picture, left to right: OHC’s Marc R. Mosbacher, MD, OHC patient Lisa Davis Yacchari, and OHC’s Marcia C. Bowling, MD.

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