The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

For more information on the CDC recommendations, visit

Will OHC be providing their patients with the vaccine?

OHC will not be administering the vaccine at this time due to logistical constraints.

Where should I go to get the vaccine?

Information about vaccine availability may be found at

Should a cancer patient receive the vaccine?

The OHC cancer doctors believe it is important for everyone to receive the vaccine. However, they believe patients undergoing active cancer treatment should speak with their doctor first.

Booster Vaccines:
If you have already received the vaccine, the CDC currently recommends receiving a booster shot every 6 months.

If I refuse to get the vaccine, can I still be a patient at OHC?

Yes. If a patient decides not to get the vaccine, OHC will still care for them.

Will the COVID-19 safety precautions continue in the OHC office as more people are vaccinated?

Yes. OHC is committed to the safety of its patients and staff and will continue to implement all safety measures recommended by the CDC. All patients and family members will be required to follow those guidelines, regardless if they have had the vaccine or not.