From Marc Mosbacher, MD, Radiation Oncologist

December 17, 2020

The radiation oncology experts at OHC are using advanced technology to destroy cancerous brain tumors and give patients an improved chance at a longer remission.

In the past, brain tumors were treated with radiation to the entire brain. This resulted in damage to the healthy cells. Doctors needed a way to completely remove tumors to prevent them from growing back.

The doctors at OHC, along with our colleagues at Mayfield Brain and Spine, offer Gamma Knife exclusively in the Cincinnati area, a non-surgical, advanced procedure that allows doctors to deliver radiation to a brain tumor with highly targeted precision and destroy it. And it causes little or no radiation damage to the surrounding normal tissue.

Gamma Knife has many benefits for the patient. It delivers radiation with laser-like precision to destroy the tumor. And it requires only one treatment, and that usually takes less than an hour depending on each patient’s situation.

When my patient, Stacey Bailey, began experiencing episodes of dizziness, an MRI revealed that her breast cancer had spread to her brain. Together with Ronald Warnick, MD, a leading neurosurgeon with Mayfield Brain and Spine, we used Gamma Knife at The Brain Tumor Center at The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health to treat Stacey’s tumor.

“Gamma Knife is different from regular radiation,” said Stacey, who had radiation therapy for her breast cancer. “Even though the entire process takes a day, the time you are in the machine getting the treatment was only about 25 minutes. And you only have to get one treatment.”

OHC doctors, working side-by-side with Mayfield Brain & Spine and The Jewish Hospital, offer rapid diagnosis, advanced technology, personalized care, and expertise to treat and alleviate the symptoms cause by a brain tumor.

OHC (Oncology Hematology Care), the region’s leading experts in the treatment of nearly every form of adult cancer and complex blood disorders, has been fighting cancer on the front lines for more than 35 years. OHC offers the latest medical, gynecologic and radiation therapy, and is always seeking better treatment options through its nationally recognized clinical trials program. OHC is the only independent adult cancer practice to offer the ground-breaking CAR T-cell therapy for adults. For more information about OHC, or for a second opinion, call 1-888-649-4800 or visit

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