From Edward A. Faber, Jr., DO, MS, OHC medical oncologist and hematologist who specializes in multiple myeloma, as well as, transplantation and cellular therapy

March 20, 2020

OHC is helping patients with multiple myeloma beat the odds by offering advanced treatment options, through its nationally recognized clinical trials program, the largest independent adult cancer program in the region.

Multiple myeloma is a less common cancer that, although incurable, is highly treatable due to advances over the past decade. OHC has the region’s most experienced adult transplant and cellular therapy specialists who have been treating multiple myeloma patients with blood and marrow transplants and targeted therapy. Plus, OHC is evaluating three promising new treatments for multiple myeloma, and they are the only group in Ohio to offer these three clinical trials.

Due to recent advancements, many of our patients respond very well to the current treatments for multiple myeloma. Unfortunately, there remain a group of patients who do not respond or lose their response. For those patients, OHC has three clinical trials evaluating new treatments for patients with multiple myeloma, giving them hope for another chance at remission.

Pat Roettger is one of those patients.

“About five years ago, I had a peripheral blood transplant for my multiple myeloma,” said Pat. “And it worked great. I’ve had five great years from it. Then the myeloma returned. I can’t have another transplant because my myeloma will not go into a deep enough remission to allow for a successful second transplant. Fortunately for me, the clinical trials OHC gave me another option and so far, it’s good.”

The trial at OHC that Pat is enrolled in is evaluating an arginase inhibitor drug. It allows the body to keep high levels of arginine, an amino acid, which is important for helping the immune system kill cancer cells. This is extremely important for Pat, because the treatment on the clinical trial works differently than all the available treatments which haven’t had sufficient responses. The other two trials are looking at new combinations and new doses of drugs.

“I am so grateful for everyone at OHC. When my cancer returned, Dr. Faber and his research nurse, Megan Hanson, worked so hard to get me into a trial so I would have another treatment option. And I wanted to participate because I realized that the treatments I’m getting today are because someone participated in a clinical trial long before me. Now, I’m in a trial and I get to help patients in the future,” Pat said.

At OHC, we offer advanced treatments that are changing patients’ lives through extended remission and fewer side effects. But we also know, these treatments don’t work for everyone. At OHC, we don’t give up on those patients. Decades ago, we established a first-class clinical trials program, so we can offer patients access to new treatment options, especially when their cancer isn’t responding to current treatments. We are witnessing the results of our efforts by providing options and hope to patients like Pat.

OHC is leading the charge for innovative and breakthrough cancer treatments. In addition to new treatment options for multiple myeloma, OHC is the only independent adult cancer practice in the region to offer the ground-breaking CAR T-cell therapy. Click here to learn more about CAR-T. To request an appointment or a second opinion, click here or call 1-800-710-4674.

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