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August 30, 2021

Last week, Cancer Family Care (CFC) hosted its 19th annual Joslin Haggart Yeiser Unsung Hero Awards to honor patients, caregivers, and oncology professionals who quietly change the lives of those living with cancer. The event recognized 2020 heroes in addition to this year’s honorees because they were unable to host a formal event last year as a result of COVID. OHC is proud to have several members of its family recognized over the past two years.


  • OHC’s Peter R. Fried, MD – nominated by OHC patient Terry Scott, Sr.
  • OHC’s Ajit Gubbi, DO – nominated by OHC patients JoAnne Abramsohn (posthumous), Sarah Hughes, and Alicia Weber
  • OHC patient Emily Schaefer (posthumous) – nominated by OHC’s Suzanne Partridge, MD
  • OHC Financial Navigator Tamara Smith – nominated by OHC Practice Manager Julie Chambers
  • OHC’s David M. Waterhouse, MD, MPH – nominated by OHC patient Brian Thomas


  • OHC Insurance Reviewer Angela Bashada – nominated by OHC’s James H. Essell, MD, and OHC Nurse Navigator Maria Bryant
  • OHC’s Randy Drosick, MD – nominated by OHC patient Rodney Fightmaster
  • OHC’s Edward A. Faber, Jr., DO, MS – nominated by OHC patient Pat Roettger
  • OHC patient caregiver Janet Filburn – nominated by OHC Patient Care Coordinator Gina Young
  • OHC patient caregiver Sharlene Osinski – nominated by OHC Director of Marketing & Physician Services Joanie Manzo and OHC Supervisor, Medical Assistant Amanda Caldwell

As a cancer practice, OHC was honored to be recognized at the event as a recipient of CFC’s Community Impact Award, which is presented to those making outstanding contributions to the lives of people who are touched by cancer.

In 2003, CFC, a long-time partner in providing compassionate support to OHC patients, established the Unsung Hero Award in memory of Joslin Haggart Yeiser. “It’s fitting that the Unsung Hero Awards be named for Joslin,” explained her husband Eric Yeiser. “Even in her last months, when she was suffering from cancer and in pain, she was still able to maintain her smile and sense of humor.”

For 50 years, CFC has helped children and adults cope with the effects of a cancer diagnosis on the family. To learn more about the services provided by Cancer Family Care, including counseling, healing touch, and free wigs, please visit or call 513-731-3346.

To learn more about OHC’s cancer experts or to request a second opinion, call 1-888-649-4800 or visit

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