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December 7, 2023

In the previous stories of thankfulness shared, we’ve introduced OHC employees who have been patients in the past year and how their experience gave them a newfound appreciation for the patients they care for.  Our next employee-turned-patient experience has changed her work-life perspective, and for that, she is thankful to have walked the journey so many have before.

Amanda Noble, BSN, RN, OCN has spent over 20 years in the cancer field as a nurse.  Amanda is now the Executive Director at OHC.  Her experience in caring for patients has taught her one of the most important things when it comes to cancer – early detection is key to beating the disease.  Because of this, Amanda makes sure to schedule her annual mammogram.  It was on this year’s mammogram that her breast cancer was found.

Amanda was diagnosed with “stage 1B breast cancer.  She underwent genetic testing but that was negative, meaning we are not concerned with a hereditary link for her family members,” states OHC medical oncologist and hematologist Suzanne M. Partridge, MD.  Amanda chose to do genetic testing to ensure her family was safe, “It was important to me to know if my siblings, nieces, and nephews would be at risk in the future.  I was grateful it was negative.”  She was thankful to be an employee of OHC because she knew the best care she’d receive was right here.  “I’ve been in other, larger, healthcare systems as a nurse and I know you can sometimes get lost in those places.  They can treat you like a number rather than a patient because of their volume.  I knew how we treated patients here at OHC and knew that this is where I needed to stay,” states Amanda.

Amanda’s treatment has included six cycles of TCHP chemotherapy before a lumpectomy.  Soon, she’ll begin five weeks of targeted radiation therapy followed by 11 cycles of Herceptin Perjeta.  “Amanda’s treatment plan is aggressive, intending to make her cancer-free with only the smallest chance of recurrence.  At this point, we are very hopeful.  She’s incredibly strong and I highly respect her and the attitude she brings every day,” adds Dr. Partridge.  Amanda says of Dr. Partridge, “I chose her because of her straightforward attitude and approach.  She doesn’t sugarcoat things, which is exactly what I needed. I wanted someone who would tell it to me straight, knowing I have the knowledge and experience to understand what it meant.”

Thankfulness is something that Amanda knows much about.  “I’m incredibly thankful to the nurses and staff at OHC West – they were absolutely amazing.  I don’t think they know exactly how helpful they really were to me, and I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to truly thank them, to truly show them my gratitude for what they did for me.  It takes a very special person to do what they do, day in and day out, and approach it with the same kindness every day.  I know the people we hire have the exact right personality to be working with these patients because I see it all the time.  But being a patient, I see now just how important they really are, and I hope they know how patients see them,” explains Amanda.

The OHC team was thorough and communicated everything clearly to Amanda, which she is grateful for.  She says one of the standouts for her was the meeting where they went over the full treatment plan and the financial information.  She knew the technical terms and could approach her treatment with the eyes of a nurse, but they didn’t skimp on explaining every step to her and her husband, which she felt thankful for so that he could understand as well.  “They treated me as every other patient, explaining all of the details clearly, ignoring my background to give me the full understanding of what I was about to undergo,” says Amanda.

While Amanda still has months to go before she is complete with her treatment plan, she is already seeing the impact of her diagnosis and care on her position at OHC.  “I 100% have a different perspective for our patients and our team members.  I love my job, being able to help patients, now more than ever.  I see what’s really most important and what makes a difference to patients, and I can have a direct impact on improving the quality of care we provide.  The people who take care of the patients are truly what makes a difference, and they’ve become my second family throughout this experience,” adds Amanda.

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