From Dené C. Wrenn, MD, MS, gynecologic oncologist with OHC

October 20, 2020

For many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, their initial treatment, which typically includes chemotherapy, will stop the cancer’s growth.

Unfortunately, many of these patients later experience a relapse. Even though the chemotherapy initially stopped the cancer’s growth, it now no longer responds to the chemotherapy. This is why doctors need new options to stop the cancer.

At OHC, we offer promising new treatments for ovarian cancer through our clinical trials program. This includes a new clinical trial in which we are evaluating an immunotherapy drug in combination with chemotherapy to treat advanced ovarian cancer.

The combination of an immunotherapy drug – in this case Keytruda – with chemotherapy is like a two-pronged attack. Keytruda helps the body’s immune system attack the cancer while the chemotherapy attacks the cancer directly. This combination has demonstrated an ability to stop the chemotherapy-resistant tumor from growing and spreading, offering patients an extended survival.

OHC is the only cancer group in Greater Cincinnati to offer this ovarian cancer clinical trial.

The gynecologic cancer experts at OHC are helping women fight ovarian cancer by offering the latest treatments and promising new treatments through clinical trials. We’re changing lives and offering a new sense of hope for women with all stages of ovarian cancer.

To learn more about our team of dedicated cancer experts and our treatments and clinical trials, or to request a second opinion, visit or call 1-888-649-4800.

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