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August 1, 2019

A cancer diagnosis can be a very difficult time in a person’s life, triggering an emotional rollercoaster for the patient, as well as their family, friends and loved ones.

The cancer experts at OHC are a strong resource for patients and families, providing leading-edge treatments, access to clinical trials, and supportive services like financial navigators, cancer genetic specialists, and other professionals. But sometimes more in-depth assistance is needed, perhaps the skills of a professional counselor for a child or a spouse of a cancer patient. When this situation arises, where do patients and their families turn? At OHC, the answer is easy: to the team at Cancer Family Care.

Cancer Family Care (CFC) has been serving the community for more than 40 years. They provide a wide array of services, including education, support, hope, and therapeutic counseling, which is the most utilized service.

During one couple’s first visit to CFC, they said they were struggling with how to help their young, school-aged children deal with what their mom, an OHC patient, was going through. CFC’s clinical staff suggested they try a family counseling session, which they did and continued to use. In addition, one of the CFC children’s therapists is counseling the children.

“The kids’ counseling sessions take place at their school, during the day, so their parents don’t have to miss work or take the children out of school and bring them to one of our offices,” said Jill Settlemyre, CFC Executive Director.

CFC counselors will also help those in need in the comfort of their homes or at one of their six convenient locations throughout the region.

“Our patients really appreciate having the services of CFC’s counselors and social workers,” said Marcia C. Bowling, MD, a gynecology oncologist at OHC Eastgate who treats a lot of women with children and spouses. “The services are of great help, especially when an entire family is coping with one person’s disease. That’s why I recommend CFC to my patients.”

CFC also offers wigs, therapeutic massage, and healing touch sessions free for cancer patients and a reduced rate to caregivers. CFC’s free wig program is another one of the most popular services. In 2017, CFC had 95 wig appointments and 165 appointments in 2018. This year, as of July 19, CFC has had 114, well on their way to surpassing last year’s number.

OHC is committed to providing their patients with everything they need to get well. CFC services are a wonderful support to the treatment and care provided by the cancer teams at OHC. Select services offered by CFC are also available at OHC West and OHC Eastgate offices.

If you or someone you know has cancer, we encourage you to tell them about the services and support available at CFC. Learn more at or call 513-731-3346. For information about cancer treatment or for a second opinion, contact OHC at 1-888-649-4800 or visit

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