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June 23, 2021

When you hear the word cancer, everything stops. When her gynecologist suspected she had endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer, Laurie B. felt like the world stopped turning. “My gynecologist ordered an ultrasound and MRI and the results had me petrified,” said Laurie. Laurie was immediately referred to OHC’s Ajit Gubbi, DO, FACOOG, a gynecologic oncologist.

“I met Dr. Gubbi in April, and I was so impressed with how prepared he was,” said Laurie. Dr. Gubbi had evaluated her scans and presented her with a few options. “I had done my research,” said Laurie. “I discussed my ideas with Dr. Gubbi and he took them seriously.” Dr. Gubbi’s recommended next step was a full hysterectomy.

On May 19, Dr. Gubbi, a specialist in minimally invasive surgery, completed Laurie’s procedure with robot-assisted surgery. “This surgical instrumentation offers great precision during complex procedures,” said Dr. Gubbi. “The minimally invasive technique has a low risk of infection and offers patients less pain, blood loss, and scarring with a quicker recovery,” he added.

“I had no side effects from the surgery except for five small scars from the incisions,” said Laurie. Laurie remained in the hospital for one night and was pain free.

“I’ll never forget my follow-up visit on May 27th,” said Laurie. “Dr. Gubbi came into the office and said, ‘What do you want first, the good news or the good news?’” Laurie’s surgery was a success and she did not have cancer. “What made such a strong impact on me was Dr. Gubbi’s unfailing kindness,” said Laurie. “No one shakes hands anymore. Dr. Gubbi took my hand in his and placed his other hand on top while giving me the news.”

Laurie continues to feel well and has a follow-up visit with Dr. Gubbi next month. “I look forward to seeing everyone at OHC, especially Dr. Gubbi’s Clinical Coordinator, Kim Roach, who always made me feel like the only patient there,” she said. “I never feel rushed and Dr. Gubbi has such a kind, upbeat manner about him.”

Central to OHC’s patient care philosophy is surrounding them with everything they need so they can focus on beating cancer. Discover more about OHC’s innovative cancer treatments and compassionate care at or by calling 1-888-649-4800.

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