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May 23, 2024

On Wednesday, May 8th, during National Nurses’ Week, we were honored to celebrate Jasmine Platt, a dedicated OHC float treatment suite nurse, with the prestigious DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. This recognition program, as outlined by the DAISY Foundation, acknowledges the exceptional skill and compassion nurses demonstrate every day.

OHC Float Treatment Suite Nurse, Jasmine Platt, RN

Jasmine’s nomination, submitted by a grateful patient at the OHC West location, highlighted her exceptional care and commitment to her patients.

The award ceremony took place surrounded by Jasmine’s supportive colleagues. Amy Sheldrick, Manager of Nursing Services, and Amanda Noble, Executive Director, presented the DAISY Award to Jasmine, acknowledging the many nominations submitted throughout OHC. While only one nurse receives the award every 6 months, the outpouring of nominations speaks volumes about the caliber of our entire nursing staff.

The patient who nominated Jasmine had this to say about her experience, “Jasmine was cheerful, always smiling. She was professional but yet was able to put me at ease. I have a difficult time getting an IV started. She was gentle and took her time finding and pressing my vein. Jasmine kept me calm but informed me of what she was doing. She explained step by step the procedure and follow-up. She made me feel like I mattered to her and not just a number to move through on my allotted 15 minutes. It may not sound like much, but she made what could have been an unpleasant experience into a quick and easy procedure. Thank you to Jasmine.”

We extend our sincerest congratulations to Jasmine and a heartfelt thank you to all the nurses nominated for the DAISY Award for the second half of 2023:

Jessica McAdams – OHC Kenwood

Danielle Williamson – OHC Fairfield

Becky Munzo – OHC West

Kelsei Reyelts – OHC Eastgate

Alyssa McElyea – OHC Eastgate

Kim Cunningham – OHC Eastgate*

At OHC, we prioritize fostering a culture of patient-centered care. Our nurses are the backbone of this culture, building trusting relationships with patients and ensuring they receive the highest quality care. Jasmine’s DAISY Award win exemplifies this commitment and serves as an inspiration to all OHC nurses.

Interested in nominating your favorite nurse?  Follow the instructions here to submit the nomination.

To learn more about our exceptional care, visit

*Kim was nominated two separate times this season.

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