From Joanie Manzo, R.N., B.S.N.

May 18, 2016

Legendary country singer-songwriter John Denver would have been proud of this recent rendition of “Take Me Home” during a radiation treatment at OHC.

You see, newly diagnosed patient Mark Folzenlogen sometime battles nausea during his treatments and requests music to help him relax. Coming to know Mike, the staff learned about his preferred music genre and decided to perform an impromptu concert for him during one of his recent visits to OHC.

His wife Janice not only posted this on Facebook but sent us the video to share. She added, “this compassionate act of simple kindness from the staff at OHC means the world to us.”

The woman in the back-left corner wearing the black top, who appears to be reliving the ‘80s, is the one and only Dr. Jennifer Gerson, OHC radiation oncologist, who is treating Mark.

Providers helping to keep Mark’s day a little better with laughter, love and compassion.

Enjoy the video:
OHC staff performs John Denver sing-along for patient.

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3 responses to “OHC Physician and Staff Perform John Denver Sing-along for Patient”

  1. Betsey Gels says:

    Video didn’t run but I know how the OHC doctors are and it is so wonderful to be treated by such compassionate and caring doctors. Way to go Dr. Gerson!!

    • Jen Gerson says:

      Hoping that everybody knows that we did not do this as an advertisement…. was just meant for the patient. HE is the generous one who wanted to share, just in case it made some other patient smile. The patient is the one to admire here.

      • Betsey Gels says:

        Dr. Gerson you always make me smile so I know you all did it for the patient! OHC is so caring and compassionate in helping us on this journey!

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