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December 20, 2016


Andrew Robbins, four years post-treatment. With his wife Brittany.

Graduating from college, getting married, moving and starting a new job can be some of the most stressful moments in a person’s life. Can you imagine being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the young age of 24 as well?

This is exactly what happened to Andrew Robbins in 2012, but thanks to his positive attitude and outstanding care team, he’s cancer free today and enjoying each and every day of his life with his wife, Brittany.

“For a couple of weeks I was experiencing a dull but acute pain in my genital area causing me mild discomfort, but I didn’t think much of it,” said Robbins. “Then one night I was playing Xbox with a friend and I told him about the pain. He convinced me to get it checked out and I’m so glad I did.”

Andrew turned to his family physician who thought that maybe the pain was caused by an infection but referred him to urologist Dr. Benedict for further examination. Dr. Benedict immediately diagnosed Andrew with testicular cancer and performed surgery to have the cancerous testical removed. Andrew was then referred to OHC medical oncologist Dr. Randy Drosick for six weeks, or three rounds, of chemotherapy.

Andrew’s positive attitude during his chemotherapy and his overall cancer treatment was likely one of the factors in his successful recovery. “I was lucky because I had a high tolerance for the chemotherapy,” commented Robbins. “Sure I lost my hair, my skin dried up and my eyes watered, but I know many people have it much worse than me.”

Andrew credits his cancer care team at OHC, and specifically his nurse Angela, who he says was a ‘ray of sunshine,’ for lessening his stress during chemotherapy, which be believes allowed him to recover more quickly. “My urologist and my entire care team at OHC were so reassuring during my entire journey,” said Robbins. “They followed a standard, proven cancer treatment and told me what my cancer treatment was going to look and feel like every step of the way. I felt comfortable in my cancer care team’s success rate and throughout the entire process.”

Andrew’s family was also thankful for the reassurance that OHC provided them during his treatment. As a cardiologist and nurse practitioner, his parents took comfort in Andrew’s care team and felt he was in experienced and confident hands.

As of today, Andrew is four years cancer free and only needs to see his oncologist once a year. He’s optimistic about the future and excited for what the next chapter of his life will bring.

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