Robert B. Barriger, M.D.

Radiation Oncology

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Robert B. Barriger, MD, is a radiation oncologist with OHC whose areas of expertise include targeted radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiation therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy and 3-D conformal radiation therapy. Dr. Barriger uses his expertise to treat all types of cancer, with special interest in thoracic (lung and esophageal) tumors, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. He has held leadership positions in numerous professional organizations, formerly serving as Chair of the Radiation Oncology Program of the American Institute of Radiologic Pathology and as Co-chair of the Radiation Oncology Esophageal and Lung committees for Via Oncology Pathways, an organization that helps cancer centers demonstrate the value of their care to patients, referring physicians, and payers.

Dr. Barriger likes his patients to be actively involved in their care so they understand their options, the expected course of treatment, and outcomes. In addition to the treatment plan, Dr. Barriger understands that cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, so he works with the OHC team to surround patients with kindness and compassion. “My patients become extended family members, and this is how I would treat my family.”

In his free time, Dr. Barriger enjoys spending time with family, golfing and cycling.

Education & Training

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine, Bloomington, IN

Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine, Radiation Oncology

Board Certifications

American Board of Radiology