HDR Brachytherapy OHC Services

OHC doctors use high dose radiation (HDR) brachytherapy, also called internal radiation therapy, to treat several types of cancer.

With brachytherapy, a small catheter is inserted directly into a tumor or the area from which the tumor was removed. Radioactive seed is then inserted into the catheter and targeted radiation is delivered directly at the site of the tumor. HDR allows your OHC doctor to deliver a higher dose of radiation to treat a smaller area. And the process can take only a few minutes. For many cancer types, the entire brachytherapy treatment may take three-to-five days instead of several weeks for external radiation therapy.

For more information about HDR brachytherapy, call OHC at 1-800-710-4674 and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.