OHC is proud to be at the forefront in the use of immunotherapy, an innovative approach to treating cancer. Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. The therapy mainly consists of stimulating the immune system to help it do its job more effectively. It can also involve adding things to your immune system, such as man-made proteins.

OHC has been an active participant in many of the immunotherapy clinical trials and has significantly contributed to the FDA approval of these treatments. Numerous OHC patients have been taking these immunotherapy drugs for years and have experienced an extended remission and are returning to a better quality of life.

With each new day, comes a new use for immunotherapy. OHC doctors are using immunotherapy to treat many types of cancers, and every day the list continues to grow. OHC doctors use immunotherapy in the form of a pill, administered through an IV, and in the form of a vaccine to treat the cancers listed here. If your cancer isn’t on the list, ask your doctor if immunotherapy is now a treatment option for you:

CAR T-cell Therapy

One of the newest, most exciting immunotherapies is chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy (CAR-T), and the cancer experts at OHC were the first and are the only adult independent cancer group in the region to offer it to adults with blood cancers.

CAR-T is one of the most exciting and promising cancer treatment breakthroughs in recent years. CAR-T has shown dramatic results in patients with few treatment options and little hope, and they are now in remission and have returned to a good quality of life.

CAR-T is a type of immunotherapy that stimulates the body’s immune system to fight cancer. It uses genetically engineered immune T-cells to recognize specific proteins on tumor cells.

  • Thousands of T-cells are extracted from the patient and modified in a lab to produce special receptors on their surface that fight and kill cancer cells.
  • The modified cells are multiplied until there are millions and then infused back into the patient.
  • The cells continue to then multiply on their own in the patient’s body. These cells will recognize and kill cancer cells and help guard against recurrence.

Click here to learn more about CAR-T including a video and infographic.

Clinical Trials

As the region’s leader in cancer clinical trials, OHC provides patients with access to many clinical trials including new immunotherapies. Click here to learn more about clinical trials at OHC or ask any member of your OHC care team.