breast conserving surgery

Breast-conserving Surgery

Lumpectomy is the removal of the area of breast cancer (the “lump”) along with some of the normal tissue that surrounds it (a margin). The most common names used for breast-conserving surgery are:

  • Lumpectomy
  • Partial Mastectomy
  • Quadrantectomy

For breast cancers that are palpable (cancers we can feel), surgery removes the palpable area and a rim of normal tissue (the margin). For breast cancers we cannot feel (non-palpable), a localization procedure is done prior to surgery to help identify the abnormality so the surgeon knows which area to remove. The localization procedure can be done using a mammogram or an ultrasound. Traditionally, localization was done using wires inserted into a woman’s breast. At OHC, we offer wireless localization using RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.

Some women who are lumpectomy candidates may be interested in oncoplastic techniques.