Telemedicine at OHC

OHC has established telemedicine capabilities so that our existing patients can have access to our doctors for virtual visits from their home.

Our commitment to providing high quality cancer care includes adapting and innovating to meet your needs, including in the current challenging environment. For clinically appropriate appointments, such as post -treatment follow-up visits, and managing cancer treatment side-effects, telemedicine offers convenience and safety – and the opportunity to initiate and continue effective care.

Which doctors can we access through the telemedicine platform?

All OHC doctors are using the telemedicine platform to deliver patient care.

How can an OHC patient make an appointment?

Existing OHC patients should call OHC at 1-888-649-4800 and request a telemedicine appointment from their office.

Will all patients be able to have a telemedicine visit?

Telemedicine visits are available to all OHC patients, when clinically appropriate. Our doctors will determine when patients should be seen in person for an examination in the office. With telemedicine visits available, patients may be able to reduce the number of needed in-person visits.

What type of visits are seen by telemedicine?

  • Patients coming in for a routine follow-up visit
  • Patients with non-emergent symptoms during and after treatment that can be managed remotely
  • Patients with cancer treatment side effects
  • Patients returning for a follow-up visit to review scan or test results that do not require in-person action
  • Patients in active treatment who need a prescription medication where the prescriptions can be refilled electronically

Is it hard for patients to use?

No. Once scheduled, patients or their caregivers can download a free, easy-to-use mobile phone or computer app and access the patient teaching guides below that will guide them through the telemedicine visit process.

Click here for your computer/phone requirements and patient user guide instructions.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
Click here for Troubleshooting Tips.