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March 25, 2022

Cancer is a complex diagnosis often requiring a high level of service and support from an expert care team focused on making sure patients understand their treatment regimen, comply with their therapy schedule, manage potential side effects, and have access to financial assistance. The OHC Specialty Retail Pharmacy is an exclusive benefit to OHC patients offering specialty medications not available at other local pharmacies and free home delivery.

The OHC Specialty Retail Pharmacy is located at OHC’s Blue Ash location. “A facility within our practice allows us to provide the best care to our patients,” said Caleb Burdette, Director of Pharmacy. “My team has easy access to the doctors and nurses caring for our patients. By centralizing patient care, we offer convenience to patients, and more importantly, we see increased therapy adherence and safety,” Caleb added. As members of the patient care team, the OHC pharmacy staff works directly with doctors and nurses to ensure proper selection, distribution, administration, and monitoring of medications.

Dawn Burkhardt, 80, is an OHC breast cancer patient who resides in Loveland, OH, and takes advantage of OHC pharmacy home delivery. “OHC takes care of everything,” said Dawn. “It works like a clock. I don’t do anything but take the pills.” Fortunately, Dawn’s insurance helps to cover the steep cost of her treatment, but she is still responsible for some hefty co-pays. “The pharmacy staff helped to secure funding for some of my co-pay responsibility,” added Dawn.

David Beutler, 63, has stage 4 chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and also takes advantage of OHC’s medication delivery as he lives in eastern Kentucky. “One time, I had an issue with insurance coverage and Caleb called my insurance company every day to check on the status of my coverage,” said David. “Caleb told me, ‘Just let me deal with it.’,” said David. David particularly appreciates the phone calls he receives from OHC pharmacy team members to check to see if he needs more medication. “If I don’t have refills, the pharmacy staff takes care of it,” said David. “It’s convenient and they take the worry and legwork away from me.”

“Navigating insurance authorizations and financial issues is a burden that cancer patients face that we can help alleviate,” noted Caleb. “It’s important that my team members are not only experts in cancer drug therapies, but also compassionately support patients at every step of the cancer treatment journey.”

Since 2018, OHC has been caring for Chris Matey, 74, a CLL patient. Chris picks up his oral medication from OHC’s pharmacy. “Prior to COVID, the pharmacy had a variety of candies out in a bowl for patients to take,” said Chris. “There was a particular type of candy that I liked, so the staff always made sure they had it available for me. They even included a bag of it with my medicine when I picked it up.” A grandfather of 15, Chris keeps some of the candy in his car and his grandkids are more than aware. “When I drive them around they always ask for it,” Chris said. He adds, “I look forward to going to the pharmacy every month. I don’t know how OHC finds people that friendly.”

Access to OHC’s Specialty Retail Pharmacy is just one of the many patient-centered benefits that OHC’s care team offers through its comprehensive cancer care program. The pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) which certifies that it is committed to providing high-quality care and services to consumers through compliance with ACHC’s nationally recognized standards for accreditation and is granted distinction in oncology. Dawn’s endorsement captures OHC’s pharmacy services best: If you have cancer, you’ve got enough to take care of. OHC will take care of your prescriptions for you.

For more information on the comprehensive cancer care provided by OHC’s leading experts, including the OHC Specialty Retail Pharmacy, call 1-888-649-4800 or visit

Top picture: Caleb Burdette, OHC’s Director of Pharmacy (back row, left) and members of the OHC Specialty Retail Pharmacy team

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