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August 21, 2013

Sarah Cannon, SCRI, clinical trials, Oncology Hematology Care, OHC, Cancer Treatment, Cincinnati Cancer Treatment, cancer, cancer help, cancer careOHC is a proponent of clinical trials and provides the greater Cincinnati area with the largest group of Medical Oncology specialists who provide access to the most contemporary, advanced clinical research trials. The current OHC clinical trials allow patient access to up-to-date, current ground-breaking therapies not available elsewhere.

OHC, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, offers multiple programs in clinical trial research. Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) is an internationally recognized leader in development of oncologic targeted therapies. SCRI defines themselves as, “a global strategic research organization focusing on advancing therapies for patients. It is one of the largest clinical research programs, conducting community-based clinical trials in oncology and cardiology through affiliations with a network of more than 700 physicians in the United States and United Kingdom.”

The mission of SCRI commits the organization “to the improvement of patient outcomes and advancement of medical science through innovation and quality execution of clinical research.” SCRI’s mission and OHC’s “Patients First” belief are synergistic. And like OHC, SCRI believes “participation in a clinical trial is the first step in fighting cancer, not the last.”

Clinical trials in oncology are offered by SCRI through its affiliation with international and national clinical oncology practices, such as OHC. SCRI implements rigorous standards when designing and conducting clinical trials. The research support services that SCRI provides to OHC allow local cancer patients in the Cincinnati area, and others around the country, to participate in these research studies.

Since SCRI program’s inception in 1993, thousands of cancer patients have participated in SCRI supported trials. The program has since developed into a global network of highly trained oncologists. The ability to offer clinical trial opportunities to cancer patients has helped change the standard of care for all.

Currently SCRI has nearly 300 ongoing clinical trials. Patients and physicians can see an updated protocol list on the SCRI website. To learn more about SCRI clinical trials, visit Sarah Cannon. To learn more about specific OHC clinical trials, visit our Current Trials page.

Conducting clinical trials in conjunction with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute allows OHC to deliver cutting-edge therapies and treatments that continually put the patient first.

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