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October 18, 2013

Karen Dyehouse, MD, OHC Medical Oncologist

Karen Dyehouse MD, OHC Medical Oncologist

Elizabeth Levick, MD, OHC Radiation Oncologist

Elizabeth Levick MD, OHC Radiation Oncologist

OHC invites you to a free community panel discussion about breast health and cancer that features two of the area’s most prominent oncologists specializing in women’s health.

In addition to an energetic panel discussion, you’ll get answers to your questions from some of the country’s leading experts on breast health and breast cancer, including:

OHC Medical Oncologist Karyn Dyehouse, MD and OHC Radiation Oncologist Elizabeth Levick, MD.

Also participating on the panel are surgeon Cari Ogg, MD; surgeon Hilary Shapiro-Wright, DO; and radiologist Elizabeth Weaver, MD.

Of course, we hope you enjoy the free refreshments, too!

Tue., Oct. 22, 6-7:15 pm

4700 E. Galbraith Road
Across from Jewish Hospital

Time’s running out, so please call 513-956-3729 to reserve your seat today.

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