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November 17, 2021

Sometimes we forget to take the time to pause from life’s hustle and bustle and truly reflect on those who enrich our lives. Thanksgiving provides us with that opportunity. At OHC, we are honored to walk with our patients and their families throughout their cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship. You personify strength and courage, and we draw inspiration from you. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to come to work every day and learn from you, comfort you, celebrate milestones, and share a hug. You have become like family.

The OHC team took a moment to share messages of gratitude to patients, caregivers, and those behind the scenes who fill their lives with hope, motivation, and optimism. Thank you for entrusting your care to us!

Amanda Noble, BSN, RN, OCN, Executive Director

“Over the span of the many years of my nursing career, I continue to be overwhelmed by the strength and endurance of our patients. They’ve positively impacted my life both professionally and personally as they remind me to persevere and remain optimistic through life’s challenges. Thank you for helping me become a better human being.”

Patrick J. Ward, MD, PhD, Medical Oncologist

“I’m grateful for the grace and courage my patients show as they face their diagnosis and treatment. It is an unending source of inspiration and a reminder of the privilege of caring for them.”

Kea Peters, Medical Assistant

“I am grateful for the patients’ smiling faces even though they are going through the hardest challenges of their life. I’m thankful for the kind words from the families of those of our patients who themselves are struggling to cope with their loved one’s diagnosis.”

Yu’Londa Matthews, Revenue Cycle Supervisor

“Thank you and your family for choosing us to care for you in the most life-changing times. Thank you for pushing us to be better and stay positive, as you do every day.”

Sarah Wilson, Advanced Practice Provider

“I am thankful for our patients entrusting us with their care and sharing their strength on their cancer journey. I am thankful for all of the ‘behind the scenes staff’ from folks in medical records, to PAS, to marketing, to phones and more… for making it all come together to provide quality care to our patients.”

Krista Rush, Front Office Coordinator

“Thankful to the patients of OHC for showing me what hope, strength and courage look like.”

Megan Hanson, RN

“I am continually inspired by our patients daily. Their courage to never back down from the fight and keep going even when times are tough is such a great example for others to use in their own lives. Our patients are the strongest people I know. Our research patients, in particular, are so willing to get new, cutting-edge treatment that may help not only themselves, but countless others in the future.”

Tamara Smith, Financial Counselor

“I try to remember this and live it the best that I can. I consider our patients family: Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. ~James Matthew Barrie”

Anita Logsdon, Treatment Suite Nurse

“We at OHC would like to thank our dedicated volunteers. They come in every week with smiles on their faces. They are truly like family. We care about them and their families and they do the same for us. Thank you for all of the love and support you give the staff and patients at OHC!”

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