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September 30, 2013

Alexander Green and Cathy King keep a close watch on OHC West's building details.

Alexander Green and Cathy King keep a close watch on OHC West’s building details.

Progress continues fast and furious on the OHC West medical office building, located on Mercy Health’s new West Hospital campus just two blocks from the Routes 74/52 and North Bend Road junction in Monfort Heights. Under the watchful eyes of OHC West Site Director Cathy King and Building Project Manager Alexander Green, our construction crews are busy constructing while our interior design team continues designing.

That’s great news for patients of our Mt. Airy, Rapid Run, and Western Hills offices. They’ll now be traveling to just one Westside location for all of their oncology/hematology needs. And their destination will be clean, comfortable, and include advanced equipment like our linear accelerator for radiation therapy.

OHC West patient rooms have great views of the Mercy West hospital campus.

Our OHC West patients will enjoy their rooms with a view.

Since our last report on Sept 16, we’ve seen framing for our modular office walls go up, most of which are located with a great view of the campus. And our Toshiba CT scan — its enhanced design better accommodates those who need to be treated in awkward positions (such as an arm held over the shoulder) — is now unpacked and being set up and calibrated. We’re even seeing our first signs of office furniture.

We’ll end this progress report with a few more photos to review. But first…
Don’t forget to mark your calendars — we’re still on target to see our medical oncology, radiation oncology, and gynecologic oncology patients by the end of October. And on Oct. 19, Mercy West hospital will host a campus-wide grand opening celebration with our Westside neighbors and patients.
OHC West Justin Reviews Electronics Schematics

Justin reviews OHC West’s schematics for its electronic needs, floor by floor.

OHC West Toshiba CT Scan

OHC West’s CT Scan is specially designed to enhance the comfort of female oncology patients.

OHC West Electrical Conduits

Wow…even the electrical looks amazing!

OHC West Kolar Design Takes Peak at Mystery Wall

OHC’s environmental design team (Kolar) takes a peak at some of their work. Can you guess the design that’s on this wall?

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