From Jeffrey Grass, MD, radiation oncologist at OHC

April 5, 2022

When you hear the word ‘cancer,’ everything stops. Patients find themselves experiencing multiple emotions and having thoughts flooded with questions. It is only natural to want to find the best medical care. As experts in cancer research and clinical trials with access to the most advanced technologies and therapies, OHC’s cancer specialists are thought leaders for patients seeking confirmation of their diagnosis and the best personalized treatment plan for their specific cancer.

When seeking a second opinion, patients come to OHC not only to feel more confident about their diagnosis, but also to become more informed about the latest treatment options available. Specifically, getting a second opinion can involve asking another doctor to confirm a diagnosis, discuss prognosis, review suggested treatment plans, and explore other treatment options and clinical trials. It is best to seek a second opinion shortly after receiving a diagnosis and prior to beginning treatment.

Of course, patients want the best experts who have experience treating their specific condition. OHC’s team approach to cancer care means that members of our multidisciplinary team of specialists are reviewing your diagnosis and treatment plan from various perspectives. In addition, there have been many advances in cancer treatment options, so individuals will want to be sure they understand all available therapies. When seeking a second opinion, find out if the providers have access to clinical trials. When a cure for cancer is discovered, it will be through a clinical trial. As the region’s leader in groundbreaking cancer research, OHC gives patients early access to the most innovative and promising therapies.

Following are some more helpful tips when considering a second opinion:

  • Do not delay the process. Delayed treatment can lead to less desirable health outcomes.
  • Trust is a critical component of the patient-doctor relationship, and every patient should feel comfortable with their care team. Openly communicate with your doctor about your intent to seek a second opinion. Obtaining another opinion is a very common practice and every patient has the right to do so.
  • If the second opinion differs from the first, ask questions and discuss your concerns with your healthcare team. At OHC we want our patients to be informed and understand their recommended individualized plan of care.
  • Make sure you have all medical records related to your diagnosis, including bloodwork and imaging.

You deserve peace of mind and exceptional care. My OHC colleagues and I support self-advocacy and we are here for you. We believe that every patient should be confident in their diagnosis, treatment plan, and care team.

To request a second opinion with one of OHC’s leading cancer experts, call 1-888-649-4800 or visit

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